Class – Gentle Yoga for Stressful and Uncertain Times

Create new habits for self care in this 6 week class series.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, exhausted, worried?

Join us for gentle movement and relaxation to support deep rest. Build stamina, stability and inner strength in the unknown. Feel your feet on solid ground. 

Early Bird Sales end Monday September 14th!

October 8 – November 12,

5:30-7pm (Zoom)

In this class series you’re about to discover how to feel…

Grounded, rested and resilient in these stressful and uncertain times. 

Personally, we have felt a flood of emotions as we were faced with the reality of racial and economic inequality in our country. As we navigate living through a pandemic both of us have felt anxious, overwhelmed and scattered. In our conversations with one another, we acknowledged how this traumatic time has resurfaced our own personal losses and traumas. 


What do you think?….

Is it possible to be present with our feelings rather than suppress or get swept away by them?

How do we release trapped emotions so they don’t manifest as dis-ease in the body?

What is necessary to balance self care and being of service to others?


These questions are why we created this class series….

To help you feel more rested, at peace and grounded in these crazy times.


Our practice together will give you tools to….. 

  • Feel more balanced
  • Slow down
  • Promote deep sleep   
  • Learn relaxation techniques for self care    


Who is this for?

This class series is for all bodies – whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner.

October 8 – November 12,

5:30-7pm (Zoom)

Interested in our Gentle Yoga Workshops? The next workshop is September 27 4-6pm. For more info check out the page here.

Questions? Please email us at

We look forward to working with you!


Ragan and Sarah

Sarah Parker-Givens E-RYT completed Max Strom’s Way of Life Teacher Training (200 RYT) in 2010 and has been teaching since then.  Sarah’s focus is on the healing of the body, mind and spirit through breath-centered movement. Emphasis is placed on deep full breathing as the key to a transformative practice.  Sarah hopes each of her students will experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice.  She welcomes all students, believes in teaching with kindness and respects where each body is at in its present moment.

Ragan Sheridan C-IAYT, is a Yoga Therapy and Wellness practitioner. She supports people by teaching stress management skills, gentle movement and strengthening, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Her focus is to decrease acute and chronic pain, regulate and balance the nervous system to manage anxiety, depression and trauma, helping navigate the challenges of illness, as well as empowering people through the various transitions in life such as aging, injuries and pregnancy.
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