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Find Relief, Restore Balance, Feel Better

Gentle and Restorative yoga

Wednesdays 8:30am-9:45am

Location: Zenbarn Studio in Waterbury, VT

Mindfulness Meditation

Learn tools to reduce stress and calm the mind with this practice of mindfulness called Antar Mouna or “inner silence”. If you have a hard time quieting the mental chatter and can’t imagine sitting still not doing anything for 45 minutes this is the class for you. There will be guided instruction/meditation, walking meditation and other tools to help us feel more relaxed, centered and clear. This class will take place in a chair or seated on the floor and is appropriate for everybody.

All levels welcome and open to the public!

Class begins in October at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center.

Therapeutic Yoga for Lyme disease and Adrenal Exhaustion

Coming Soon!

Pre-natal yoga-Bringing Peace to Pregnancy

Engage your body, mind and spirit in this prenatal yoga class to help maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare you for the sacred experience of childbirth. Learn yoga asana, deep breathing techniques as well as relaxation poses to help bring the body into balance, increase energy and relieve the common complaints of pregnancy. This is a gentle class and is appropriate for pregnancy as well as those considering or trying to conceive.

gentle, therapeutic, all levels.

New session begins in September at Zenbarn Studio Waterbury, VT

Please contact for more info; 802-552-8995

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