What is Yoga Therapy?

What is Yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is a journey of healing, finding balance and integrating all aspects of our being- body, mind, emotions and spirit. It empowers individuals to take an active roll in their health and wellness. It can be used by itself, along with conventional medicine and with other alternative modalities. No previous yoga experience is required.

Yoga Therapy utilizes the various yogic tools of movement, breathing techniques, relaxations techniques and meditation as well as addressing diet, environment and lifestyle. Traditional yogic postures are often modified and we use props for comfort and safety so literally any body can do yoga.

Ragan founded Roots of Support to make yoga therapy and wellness accessible to every body regardless of age, mobility, yoga experience, illness or injury. If you can breath you can do yoga!

Find Relief, Restore Balance and Feel Better!


How Can Yoga Therapy help me?

I provide gentle and compassionate support for:

  • Illness, injury, chronic pain, exhaustion, emotional distress
  • Aging related changes and pregnancy
  • Tools to help better manage stress and pain, feel more balanced, have more energy and vitality
  • Create a personalized home yoga practice with modifications you can use in your favorite yoga class


What is a Yoga Therapist? How is this different from a yoga teacher?

Yoga therapists are yoga teachers with specific training and experience to work with specific conditions, guide and support you on your healing journey. Yoga Therapy differs from a yoga class in that it is focused on an individuals’ specific needs and goals to create a personalized plan of action to feel better, reduce and manage symptoms.


 What to expect in your first Yoga Therapy Session

We will go over your written intake form, along with an assessment and I will listen to your goals, needs and desires for wellness. We will work together with various yogic tools to create a personalized plan/approach that feels doable, that you feel connected to and motivated to practice at home.


Experience these benefits:

  • reduce pain
  • move with greater ease
  • increase feelings of hope
  • lessen anxiety and depression
  • feel more calm and relaxed
  • experience more emotional balance
  • more kindness and compassion toward self
  • greater connection to self, others and spirit
  • feel a deep sense of peace and equanimity


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